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What to build with?

A house can be built from anything, we just are used to building with wood or stone. Much depends on factors around.

historic stone cabin - German build out of stone

Stone and wood have been used as building material since the beginning of time, yet many become divided on which is the "best" material. From up until the early 20th century, stone was a lasting material used in construction to make homes fireproof. Stone was a readily available material in central Texas and was labor intensive, yet so was any building. When building you would soon find how well it was build in a few year, or decades. Moving a lot of stones isn't easy, you wouldn't want to do it again. Many methods were used in stone construction; from course rubble, integrated solid heavy blocks, or many others, making a large, heavy puzzle turn a pile of fieldstone into a home, or barn. It can be made in any form and arrangement, if planned out, but will be hard to change with "in stone." 

Due to the labor, weight, expense, and know-how to build, many looking and used wood to build. It was easier to work with, lighter, and longer, with less chance to fracture as easy. If you make a mistake you can fix a bit easier, or if you wanted to add on to the building. 

Both accent each other well and can give the best of both worlds, easy to work with, lasting, and fire proof. It depends on what you have, want is needed, and where  you are building. Stone can last, but so can wood if, not wet, or burnt. Stone can be hard to work with, yet involves little maintenance to the material. You can't say one thing is better than another definitively. Anything maintained well can last. 

Cost in a big factor, most of the time. Wood was cheaper and plastering became expensive and took too long to do. Along came "sheetrock" and the post war construction boom in the mid 20th century to present. They were easy to use, and affordable, builders and clients love them, but have they ran their course. Do people want mass produced homes? Or laborious, artisan home for nature and the land you own, instead of bringing more materials after purchasing the land. Land is cheap, extraction can be expensive. Art is ideas, ideas are time. Time is valuable. Buildings take time and art.  

Who is building is another important factor. Labor is want makes much of construction pricey. Knowing how to do something well will be worth the cost. Anyone can do anything, but specialists can do their trade best. I think a stone mason is a lost art, and hope to become a better one as time continues. It take patience and planning, like most things in life. Efficient and effective. Hard work is usually good, as long as you are using your head while do so.