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Daniel Hall the project manger and owner of Texas Limestone Home Builders

Daniel can trace his roots to many of the first German families to settle in the Texas Hill Country. His familiarity with stone masonry brings a rich history of attention to detail in managing quality construction. He comes from a family of carpenters, farmers, and teachers, and looks to continue the legacy of work and building communities through materials and mind.

Since 2016, Daniel has worked for a master plumber, mechanical system installer (HVAC), and with home builders in the process. His diverse interests led him to look for new opportunities in the building industry. He began researching for a budget friendly way of construction, with simultaneous characteristics of quality, durability, and limited maintenance. Like many kids, he grew up playing in the dirt and building things out of that dirt. He made many adobe "forts" to defend against his brother and built stone foundations for a cabin when he was younger. He continues to build with the same vigor as years ago, he just now uses bigger rocks and heavier machinery.  

He has been in the construction industry for most of his life and looks at design from a contractor's point-of-view. He started in plumbing, has run thousands of feet of sewer lines, and dug ditches for track-home construction. "It feels like millions!" After being in the trenches for a while, he became a shop manager at a thirty-year-old central Texas air conditioning company, where he learned how homes work in modern times. Daniel thanks his dad for his trade origins; Trades give skills to build the future and make it last for the next generations. 

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Design, Engineering & Building Team

Based out of Fredericksburg and surrounding communities, our partners have 83+ years of combined experience in the fields of building design, experience, and structural engineering. We also have generational custom home builders; These are good friends and family that offer their expertise when needed.   

We hire licensed, insured, and certificated contractors, who are insured for liability protection for their workers and job site work. 


TX Limestone Home Builders provides warranties up to five years for systems structure.

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If your home is still under warranty and you need to request service, please use the form link below to submit your request. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to schedule a service date.


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texas limestone contact form